【Burly Wood Delightful 5in1 】

Alishan Oolong 75g + Sanlinksea Alpine 75g + Lishan Alpine 75g+Golden Oolong 75g+Sun Moon Lake Black Tea 30g

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Embrace all five classic tea areas at once.
100% original Taiwan tealeaf.
Whole series certificated by SGS.
Each single leaf is handpicked delicately to preserve the purest flavor.
This gift set includes an exclusive handmade wood box, a carry bag, the instruction and SGS guarantee card.

Payment: Lump-sum credit card / Transnational remittance


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Original material: tealeaves
Origin: Taiwan.
Quantity: 5 cans
Preserve period: 2 years
Preserve method: keep under general temperature, stay dry and avoid direct sunlight.
Product size: Wood box 45*13*11cm

Embrace all five classic tea areas at once.




【Burly Wood Delightful 5in1 】

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