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Teasi Screw Tealeaf Caddy

Alishan Exquisite Tea 50g

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“Tealeaves, contributing warmth for metal.”
Through the burly wood texture, a cold metal is bestowed with warmth, bonding a new relationship among people.
Such cup of tea embodies Taiwan's striking ecosystems, good-natured cultural heritage and one-of-a-kind tea craftsmanship. Multi-functions as tea set placer, upper as heat insulating coaster, and a simply pleasing office decoration, distincting life with extra flavor.

Alishan Exquisite Tea
With a signature earthiness called shantouqi
And golden-emerald infusion,
This alpine variety is artfully semi-fermented
For a crisp and mellow taste.

SGS certificated.
Payment: Lump-sum credit card / Transnational remittance


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Original material: tealeaves
Origin: Alishan, Taiwan
Quantity: 50g
Preserve period: 2 years
Preserve method: keep under general temperature, stay dry and to avoid direct sunlight.
Product size: 10.5cm×9cm×12.5cm

From well known tea area of Alishan, Taiwan, altitude 1,350meters.Thanks to Alishan's dense primeval forests and unblemished ecosystem, this traditional, exclusively spring-irrigated tea variety tastes suave and elegantly subdued with a signature earthiness called shantouqi.




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