【Jazzy Sinensis Gift】

Limited Alpine Oolong

Golden Oolong 150g + Alpine Oolong 150g

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Limited tea edition of Taiwan specialized Alpine Tea and Oolong travels your heart and soul to mountains and tea fields all around this precious island.

SGS certified.
Payment: Lump-sum credit card / Transnational remittance


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Original material: tealeaves
Origin: Taiwan
Quantity: 2 cans
Preserve period: 2 years
Preserve method: keep under general temperature, stay dry and to avoid direct sunlight.
Product size: 18.5cm x 19cm x 8cm

Drawstring design for your easiest carry-to-go gift. No need for an extra bag, reuse this hand-made box to make room for our environment. A fashion taste performed by tealeaves and design box visually and sensationally. Smooth in and enjoy.





【Burly Wood Delightful 5in1 】

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