【Jazzy Sinensis Gift】

Taiwan Tea Duet

Golden Oolong 150g + TTES#8 Black Tea 50g

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Enjoy the jazz duet of Taiwan Oolong and Assam Black Tea, at the same time bringing you the fragrance of partially fermented tea and unique taste of fully fermented tea. Besides tasting, get to know the inner culture a cup of fine tea can present following various tea making methods and tea lands.

SGS certified.
Payment: Lump-sum credit card / Transnational remittance


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Original material: tealeaves
Origin: Taiwan
Quantity: 2 cans
Preserve period: 2 years
Preserve method: keep under general temperature, stay dry and to avoid direct sunlight.
Product size: 18.5cm x 19cm x 8cm

Drawstring design for your easiest carry-to-go gift. No need for an extra bag, reuse this hand-made box to make room for our environment. A fashion taste performed by tealeaves and design box visually and sensationally. Smooth in and enjoy.




【Burly Wood Delightful 5in1 】

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