【Pyramid Whole-leaf Teabags】 My tealeaf kingdom! Alishan Alpine sweet to go!


Slow motion for a TEA moment! Pure whole-leaf experience all in Teasi!| My Tealeaf Kingdom

Teas are indispensable for Taiwanese.

Youngsters favor hand-shake drinks while seniors enjoy tea chat times. The supreme quality of Taiwan alpine teas is simply addictive. 

Appreciate the tea leaf stretching dance with natural aroma, every sip of it leaves behind an unforgettable sweetness.

However does whole-leaf brew always requires lots of tea wares? We present you the balance between busy daily & tea enjoyment!



The best Alishan alpine sweetness! Teasi pyramid whole-leaf teabags, anytime, everywhere | My Tealeaf Kingdom.


Teasi presents【My Tealeaf Kingdom – Alishan Alpine Tea】in pyramid teabags to stretch every inch of a tealeaf, to bring out the best aroma from Alishan.

Premium charcoal-roasted Oolong nurtured by exclusive Ali-mountain spring, creates a signature earthiness called “shantouqi”, purely sweetens your refreshing tea experience in Teasi whole-leaf kingdom.



My tealeaf kingdom – Alishan alpine tea! Relaxy Taiwan tea taste | Teasi pyramid whole-leaf teabags


With Taiwanese illustrator RYAN’s work, Teasi grandly presents “My Tealeaf Kindom – Alishan Alpine tea” in pyramid teabags, stretching the original tealeaves in pure sweetness of Alishan alpine.

After each fine sip, color the box with your wildest imagination!

 Color up the outer box! With Mother’s day limited【Future Rain-make Kingdom】 postcard.

Hold on to the chance to win back exclusive prizes only in Teasi Mother’s Day lottery!


Teasi Mother’s Day Lottery from April 13th to May 8th!

“My Tealeaf Kingdom” pyramid whole-leaf teabag pack

With limitedFuture Rain-make Kingdomfree postcard

Limited edition only for this time!! Have a sip of the best chances!!