【Screw Style Tea Box】Patent Customization for Professional Screw Enterprise

【Screw Style Tea Box】

A gift itself presents the giver’s taste. But could it further symbolize a company? 

Teasi’s “Screw Burly Wood Tealeaf Jar” presents traditional metallic screw features, and furthermore melts in the warmth of wood, together with tealeaf aroma.


 知名五金螺絲工廠     知名五金螺絲工廠

 Designed for a well-known enterprise, this Chinese New Year gift takes Teasi two months from innovation, design, sampling, to finished product. Teasi’s “Screw Burly Wood Tealeaf Jar” successfully got patent and continuously draws huge attention among industries.

To present you & your guests the best regards, Teasi customization bases on your company image and stronger promotes it at presence. Customization includes exhibition presents, VIP gifts, and any other of your excellent ideas. It would be our pleasure to receive your further request at CUSTOMIZED GIFTS . Thank you!