“Everyone should try this!” gathering my staff, I recall the emerald tea soup two days ago at Alishan,

where tourists’ vitality lights up the mountain, where the purest Shantouqi breeds.


Alishan Alpine Tea, the representative tea of Asia, takes up merely 8% of Taiwan alpine tea, is surely hard to be found.

While awarded Alishan tea prices irrationally, general priced Alishan teas usually mix with untraceable tealeaves.

My search for decent teas wasn’t optimistic till I met Mr. Liu.




“At last!” Mr. Liu waved strongly at me, aging beyond 50 with strength no less than a 20.

“Such a hidden place...” After a craggy mountain road, I had to pull over and went on by feet, all soaked up.

“The more you walk, the sweeter our tea is.” Mr. Liu bottoms up one cup.

Accepting another cup from Mrs. Liu, I was brought alive by the natural sweetness of a simple tea sip.

“Would you show me the tea garden, Mr. Liu?”



“Why’s Alishan tea notorious these days?” I asked recklessly, in the serenity green of a fragrant tea filed.

Mr. Liu sighed, “Alishan Fame is a two sided blade! Too many fake teas are breaking it bad…”

Silence brought up the previous phone conversation between me & Mrs. Liu,

“My husband only practices decent tea farming, hand-picked tea making, to pass on the beauty of moral spirit.”

What she said and what I’ve witnessed are the pure values I search for, like tealeaves, transparent and precious.


Mr. Liu doesn’t like to be called boss, humbly sees himself a “tea-maker.”

He teaches the much chosen apprentices and works with them every single step;

he treasures every single tealeaf for there is little to market;

Mr. Liu is the story of Alishan Tea.


I wish to see such humble spirit pass on steadily, and spread out worldwide.


A decent Alishan Alpine Tea embraces you with Shantouqi over 1500 meter altitude,

sweetness nurtured from Tropic of Cancer;

the golden-Emerald infusion of one-tip two-leaf;

a master guarded flavor,

that is EMERALD LADDER ALPINE TEA I’d like to share.









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