It’s tea-picking season again.

Mrs. Chen got meals ready early in the morning, took tea-pickers deep into the tea field with her husband,

where the Chen couple’s tea garden lays in the top of Longfenxia-Sunlinksea, neighboring the well-known Misty Forest.


“General tea-picking agenda doesn’t apply here; higher altitude nurtures later tea.”

Mrs. Chen warmly shares the schedule and wondered how I’d found them,

“We don’t do ads neither retails, only a few tea-lovers know us.”


"How would you describe Sunlinksea Alpine Tea?" My curiosity didn’t hold me back.

“It’s Longfenxia! Longfenxia outshines Sunlinksea over 1700 meters altitude,” her face glowed with passion,

“what we call home is surrounded with cloud and mist, the temperature, the humidity both top in Taiwan. How about see it for yourself?”


The tea garden cloaked with mist, my mind’s already there.





We set off from a small factory towards the misty tea garden;

earlier I was just looking for Sunlinksea photo spots, and now on the missionary pick-up truck.


“The gardens once declined after 921 Earthquake, and still struggle in little production with gradually growth each year.” Mrs. Chen sighed.

I realized that Longfenxia might have also suffered less fame comparing with Alishan and Lishan,

but saw purer Taiwan spirit in such hidden tea field.




At arrival, it seemed cooler than usual spring end.

I was astonished by the tea garden among nature, or nature among it,

and the scene tea-pickers blessed under the silk sunlight sliding through clouds.


“Refreshingly taste with bamboo fragrance; honey green soup in light yellow tone.”

Great tea speaks for itself once served.





Steep mountain makes Longfenxia impossible for machine-picking,

and cedar wood fertilizes a moist yellow brown soil, plus an year round misty cultivation,

the Chen couple treasure no less in a day such God-given gift to brew the unique tea.


Nevertheless, unique tea must be shared.





It took nearly a week to convince Mrs. Chen, for me to share to the world BAMBOO MIST ALPINE TEA.


I sincerely dedicate it to the world from Taiwan, our treasure island.







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